Inside the Episode: Biggest Lawsuit on the Planet

As a trial lawyer, I have always believed that real change, positive change can come from what goes on in the courtroom.  Lawyers bringing cases in court have led the way on civil rights, consumer product safety, voting rights, and a long list of other social, political and economic issues.


When I heard that a group of teenaged and college-age environmental activists were suing the federal government over policies spanning many presidential administrations that have contributed to the climate crisis, I was intrigued and so impressed.  Adopting the hashtag, #youthvgov, these young people were not only standing up to the United States Government, they were actually winning.


The Justice Department filed motion after motion to knock the case out of court and time and again the Judge said these young plaintiffs had a right to be in court.


So if there was ever a case of how “the law matters,” Kelsey Juliana and the other dozen or so youth plaintiffs have been showing the world just how powerful one person can be.


I had to have them on the podcast and I was so grateful that Kelsey, along with the lead lawyer, Julia Olson, agreed to come on and tell their story.  It’s a powerful story and a promising one, too.


We need our youth to step forward and start claiming their role as leaders.  Not leaders of the future, but leaders of now.


The “biggest lawsuit on the planet,” Juliana v U.S., is scheduled for trial in federal court in Eugene, Oregon on October 29, 2018.