Good Law | Bad Law #147 - Busting Up Facebook and Amazon? A Conversation w/ Aaron Kershenbaum

Should mega-internet and social media companies like Facebook and Amazon be broken apart because they are just too big?  Is it time to invoke the antitrust laws once again?


Aaron Freiwald, Managing Partner of Freiwald Law and host of the weekly podcast, Good Law | Bad Law, is joined by Dr. Aaron Kershenbaum, a former professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences at Brooklyn Polytechnic and an expert in digital communications, to discuss the AT&T antitrust lawsuit, and subsequent breakup, 35 years later as well as what may happen to today’s major communications and internet companies.


Having been one of the government’s key witnesses in the case against the tech giant, Dr. Kershenbaum explains his role in the influential AT&T lawsuit and his own experience in the world of communications. Aaron and Dr. Kershenbaum tackle some of today’s questions surrounding privacy, influence, regulation, and more in regards to some of the industry’s biggest names like Facebook, Amazon, and Instagram. How should we understand the breakup of AT&T 35 years after the fact? How did it impact today’s technology? And, what are the similarities between AT&T as a monopoly and companies like Amazon and Twitter today? Listen in as Aaron and Dr. Kershenbaum answer these questions and more.  


Majoring in communications and graduating with a PhD in electrical engineering, Dr. Kershenbaum has spent a career in the digital communications field. Before his time in academia, Dr. Kershenbaum worked for Network Analysis Corporation and helped build the precursor to today’s internet, the ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), for the Department of Defense. He also spent time consulting for technology and communication companies like AT&T and IBM.


A fascinating conversation about history, innovation, and antitrust laws, today’s episode touches on many important topics and ideas that have not only shaped our world today but will continue to shape tomorrow.



Host: Aaron Freiwald

Guest: Aaron Kershenbaum