Good Law | Bad Law #116 - War on Terror, War on Rights? w/ Richard Abel

How do national security concerns change our rights?


Aaron Freiwald, Managing Partner of Freiwald Law and host of the weekly podcast Good Law | Bad Law, is joined by Professor Richard Abel, from the UCLA Law school to talk about the war on terror has played on our country since its beginning in 2001.


Throughout our country’s history there have been times when the rights of the individual have been set aside due to a perceived threat to the country’s safety. One of the more notable examples in recent memory is when George Bush authorized the creation of Guantanamo Bay, a detention facility designed to imprison and interrogate the most dangerous criminals and terrorists. A report in 2013 concluded that health professionals working with the military and intelligence services “designed and participated in cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment and torture of detainees.”


Another example is the formation of Japanese internment camps after the attacks on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Both examples show complete disregard for the constitution and the rights it grants to all individuals. Richard and Aaron talk about these events and how the US government can do this to its citizens.


Join us today to learn more about how our laws and rights are protected, or not protected, during times of war and national crisis.


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Host: Aaron Freiwald

Guest: Richard Abel


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