Good Law | Bad Law #85 - Can Opioid Makers be Held Accountable for Devastating Impact on Communities, Including Ponca Tribe? W/Dave Domina

Aaron Freiwald, Managing Partner of Freiwald Law and host of the weekly podcast series Good Law | Bad Law, is joined by Dave Domina to discuss the national opioid crisis and the wave of litigation to hold the pharmaceutical industry responsible.  Dave has joined in this massive effort by filing a federal lawsuit on behalf of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska against more than two dozen opioid manufacturers and distributors.


The Complaint Dave has filed is a treatise on the origins of the opioid crisis, how pharmaceutical companies manipulated science and medicine to reap billions of dollars in profits, and why so many people are dying and so many communities, like the Ponca, are suffering today.  Here is a link to the Complaint: here.


A Nebraskan attorney, Dave has run for both Governor and Senate and he also holds the honor of having prosecuted two impeachment cases during his career. Dave is now taking on another very important case as he represents the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska in new litigation against a slew of opioid manufacturers and distributors. After seeing an increase in opioid related deaths, this new case alleges that 26 drug manufacturers and distributors used false, deceptive and unfair marketing practices, leading to severe addiction problems within in the Tribe.


Several of the companies involved have already admitted wrongdoing. McKesson, a distribution company, agreed last year to pay a $150 million dollar civil penalty to the DEA for failing to identify and report suspicious orders at 12 of its facilities.


Dave tells us that in 2016 deaths due to opioids increased by 24% in Nebraska and that number was even higher within the Ponca Tribe, a statistic that is certainly concerning for the future of the Tribe and its members.


Join us for the fascinating conversation as Dave Domina and Aaron Freiwald discuss the history of the Ponca Tribe and Native Americans as well as the case he has filed on behalf of the Ponca Tribe suing 26 opioid manufacturers and distributors for false and deceptive marketing tactics.


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