Good Law | Bad Law #68 - Experts Debate Gun Rights vs. Gun Control W/ Shira Goodman & Joshua Prince

Aaron Freiwald, Managing Partner of Freiwald Law and host of the weekly podcast series Good Law | Bad Law, is joined on this very special episode by Shira Goodman and Joshua Prince to talk about the gun debate that is raging in our country right now.


Shira Goodman has served as the Executive Director of Cease Fire PA, an organization dedicated to reducing gun violence in PA and, is currently running for congress in the 4th congressional district of PA.


Joshua Prince is a partner at Prince Law Offices and focuses his practice on 2nd Amendment and gun rights cases.


With all of the news coverage about the recent mass shooting in Parkland Florida, there is a lot of information being thrown around: proposed solutions like arming teachers and banning guns; opinions from students, teachers, news anchors, and politicians; definitions of “Assault Rifles” and “Semi-Automatic Weapons”; and various bills being proposed to try and prevent these tragedies from happening in the future.


One thing we felt was missing was a true understanding of the problem and a proper discussion from people on both sides of the fence about realistic solutions that can be taken. That’s what we set out to accomplish with today’s episode. By bringing in experts on both sides of the issue we try to define the key terms and come to an agreement on what they mean. Then, we look at some of the proposed solutions and discuss why they may or may not work.


Though we didn’t come to an agreement on a solution, we did find a lot of common ground in the definitions and some of the things that we can’t or don’t need to change. Hopefully, you as the listener can take some of the information presented in today’s debate and use it to help form your own opinions.


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