Good Law | Bad Law #70 - Is this the biggest lawsuit on the planet? W/ Kelsey Juliana & Julia Olson

Aaron Freiwald, Managing Partner of Freiwald Law and host of the weekly podcast series Good Law | Bad Law, is joined by Kelsey Juliana and Attorney Julia Olson to talk about a federal lawsuit they have brought against the United States Government regarding Climate Change.


Kelsey Juliana is a 21-year old college student and the lead plaintiff in the case that has been dubbed “Youth v. Gov” and that some are also calling the “biggest lawsuit on the planet.”  Kelsey, along with 20 other children, filed suit in federal court in Oregon claiming that U.S. energy policies over the last 50 years that have favored fossil fuel companies and fossil fuel use have contributed to the climate change crisis we now face.  As a result, Kelsey and the others claim, the U.S. has violated their fundamental constitutional rights.


Julia Olson is the lead attorney on this roller coaster of a case and certainly has had her work cut out for her. Since the start of litigation in 2015, there has been significant pushback from the U.S. government and the Trump Administration. But the Courts keep rejecting the Justice Department’s efforts to have the case thrown out.  Recently, Kelsey and Julia won again as the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit rejected the Justice Department’s latest motion to derail the case.


Now the case may actually go to trial.


Kelsey is a passionate advocate and explains why the youth of our country need to stand up and take action.  Is this the beginning of a youth movement?  It just might be. 

Listen in as Aaron, Julia, and Kelsey discuss this incredible lawsuit and the impact that young people can have if they put their hearts and minds into something they truly believe in.

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Host: Aaron Freiwald

Guest: Julia Olson & Kelsey Juliana