Good Law | Bad Law #110 - Ag-Gag Laws and the First Amendment w/ David Muraskin

Do the giant agricultural companies and cattle ranchers have the right to be protected against those who shed light on their business practices and their impact on the environment?  Or does the First Amendment have something to say about that?


Aaron Freiwald, Managing Partner of Freiwald Law and host of the weekly podcast Good Law | Bad Law, is joined by David Muraskin from the non-profit organization, Public Justice, to talk about Ag-Gag laws.


Aaron and David discuss the ins and outs of Ag-Gag laws as well as David’s ground-breaking case in Wyoming. Like other gag laws, Ag-Gag laws are specifically designed to protect the agriculture industry by making it difficult for people to speak out against industrial practices and conditions that impact animal welfare and the environment. David explains some of the history behind these laws in addition to some of the major cases. In Public Justice’s Wyoming case, David was successful in invoking the First Amendment as a way of challenging these highly restrictive and protectionist state laws.


Join Aaron and David for this important conversation on the agriculture industry and Ag-Gag laws. To learn more about David you can read his bio at


Host: Aaron Freiwald

Guest: David Muraskin