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On Case In Point, Aaron Freiwald, Managing Partner of Freiwald Law, talks about a topic in the news that has significant impact on our society. In this clip, Aaron discusses the recent ruling by the Centre Country PA court. The ruling dismissing all the most serious charges against the fraternity members, leaving only the misdemeanor charges.


Tim Pizza was a freshman at Penn State University in the process of pledging the fraternity Beta Theta Pi. On February 4th 2017, he tragically passed away after a night of hazing that resulted in Timothy drinking incredible amounts of liquor, falling down a set of stairs, and being left unattended for 12 hours with life threatening injuries. By the time medical professionals were called, it was too late.


After Tim passed away, 18 of his fraternity brothers were charged with various crimes, including manslaughter. This past week, a judge dismissed the manslaughter charges against 8 of the men charged, leaving the alcohol violations, hazing, and reckless endangerment charges against 12 of the brothers.  


Disclosure: Freiwald Law Represents Penn State Whistleblower James Vivenzio.


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