Good Law | Bad Law #43 - What is the Future of Health Care Reform — Part One, W/ Frank McClellan

Aaron Freiwald, Managing Partner of Freiwald Law and host of the weekly podcast series Good Law | Bad Law, is joined by Frank McClellan, a Temple University Law School professor and Special Counsel at Freiwald Law.


Frank McClellan has a special interest in health care in our Country; teaching health care law at Temple and believing that our current system creates opportunities for discrimination and judgment by health care providers. Frank has been on the show before to discuss he book that talks about this exact subject, but today, he is in to talk about the “Affordable Care Act” or “Obama Care” and how it differs from the “American Health Care Act”.


This is the first in what will be a continuing series looking at the different health care options and proposals being talked about in our country and throughout the world. From a single-payer system, a multi-payer system, a private health care system, or a completely government run system. We want to examine all sides of the issue and present you with all the facts so you can make your own judgement.


If you are in the Philadelphia area and want to join Frank for a town hall discussion on health care send him an email at

               The discussion will take place on Saturday, September 30th from 10am – 12pm at the Temple University Law School.


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Host: Aaron Freiwald

Guest:  Frank McClellan


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