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Last week was National Hazing Prevention week, a week where we think about and talk about hazing; how to prevent it, what it is, what it means, how to handle it, etc. In the news, we saw stories about Universities that are stepping up and making changes to their protocol to make an impact on the hazing epidemic.


But, hazing is not a one week a year problem. It’s not a one month a year problem. It’s a daily problem, one that happens everyday across all Universities and students of all different races, statuses, income levels, etc. So, as we move on from Hazing Prevention Week, as we go back to our normal lives, how can we make an impact on the problem the rest of the year? What are Universities doing to make an impact?


Aaron Freiwald mentions many stories that have recently come into light such as the LSU hazing incident that has led to a student’s death and the Penn State hazing incident that lead to another student’s death, and other stories that have come out, showing the epidemic that is hazing on college campuses.


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