Good Law | Bad Law #54 - The Silence Breakers W/ Susan Wild

Aaron Freiwald, Managing Partner of Freiwald Law and host of the weekly podcast series Good Law | Bad Law, is joined by veteran Trial Attorney Susan Wild. Susan is currently running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 15th district and is here to talk about sexual assault.


In what turned out to be one our most impactful episodes yet, Susan Wild talks about her career as a lawyer, gerrymandering, her congressional campaign, and the recent culture shift that is inspiring women to come out and tell their stories of sexual assault; to come out and face their accusers.


Aaron and Susan talk about the movement and the fact that some people are going to get exposed. And, in an amazing display of courage and solidarity, Susan tells us her own story of sexual assault in the workplace.


She tells us, as a young attorney at a big law firm she was working with a Sr. Partner at the firm. Over the course of a few months he came on to her. He asked her to stay late, drive him home after he drank too much at the office, made her come on long trips out of town and would make advances towards her. After telling another Partner at the firm what was happening and how it made her feel, he said he would look into it.


Months went by with no changes, the Sr. Partner continued his advances, continued to grope her, and continued drinking to excess. Finally, sometime later, the Sr. Partner was fired, not for his actions towards the women in the office, but because of his drinking.


It was an incredibly moving episode that provides a first-hand account of what the women who have come forward are really going through. Join us for this conversation and to learn more about Susan and her campaign you can visit her website


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Host: Aaron Freiwald

Guest: Susan Wild


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