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On this episode of Case In Point, Aaron Freiwald, Managing Partner of Freiwald Law, talks about the Center County PA, Grand Jury report where they investigated the death of Timothy Piazza.


The Grand Jury’s report, linked below, outlines Penn State’s responsibility in the death of Tim Piazza. The report highlights the fact that Penn State knew there was a hazing problem since at least 2009, when they investigated the death of Joe Dodo at the same fraternity that Timothy Piazza died at.


Penn State is not the only institution with problems with hazing, as we’ve seen, other institutions like LSU, UWF, FSU, and even the Military. However, Penn State is in the spot light because it has fostered a culture that not only supports, but encourages hazing and the mistreatment of their students.


You can see the full press conference here:

The Grand Jury’s report can be found here:


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