Good Law | Bad Law #55 - Hate Crime In PA W/ The Chancellor Of The Bar, Deborah Gross

Aaron Freiwald, Managing Partner of Freiwald Law and host of the weekly podcast series Good Law | Bad Law, is joined by the Chancellor of the Bar in Philadelphia, Deborah Gross.


On this episode Deborah tells Aaron about The Philadelphia Bar Association, her initiatives as Chancellor of the Bar, and talks about lobbying in Pennsylvania and Washington. She starts off by explaining what the Philadelphia Bar Association is and what it’s importance is. She explains the Bar’s responsibilities in the legal world from investigating judge candidates, to providing continuing legal education, donating money and helping non-profit legal services, and providing support for lawyers.


She goes on to tell us about a project the Bar has been working on that will house over 20 legal non-profit companies to help them get affordable office-space, so they can better help their clients. This is one of her biggest missions as Chancellor; making sure this project continues moving forward and these non-profits get the help they need.


Finally, Deborah talks about her lobbying efforts in Harrisburg and how she has been working to reform hate crime laws in Pennsylvania. She explains PA’s hate crime statute is one of only 5 in the country that does not extend protection to cover individuals with disabilities, sexual identity, or gender identity. Her lobbying efforts have been spent trying to get an amendment to the hate crime statute out of committee and onto the floor so it can be voted on.


Join Aaron Freiwald and Deborah Gross for a great discussion about the Philadelphia Bar Association. And, to learn more about Deborah and the Philadelphia Bar Association visit 


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