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On this episode of Case In Point, Aaron Freiwald, Managing Partner of Freiwald Law, looks at the White House Opioid Commission’s report and suggestions for how to handle the country’s opioid crisis. The 130-page report outlines a plan that focuses on education and law enforcement rather than more controversial, but possibly, more effective measures such as Safe Injection Facilities.


Safe Injection Facilities are something we’ve been talking a lot about recently at Good Law | Bad Law and Freiwald Law since speaking with Scott Burris, a Temple Law Professor, Executive Director of the Center for Public Health Law Research, and an advocate for Safe Injection Facilities in the United States.


Safe Injection Facilities have seen great success in other countries in both reducing the number of overdose deaths as well as the number of drug users. But, these potential solutions are not a part of the Opioid Commissions recommendations.


If you’d like more information on Safe Injection Facilities you can listen to our episode of Good Law | Bad Law with Scott Burris ( or you can head over to our website and read a recent article written by Aaron Freiwald (


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