CASE IN POINT | Las Vegas Shooting, Gun Rights Change - Good Law | Bad Law

After the tragedy that was the mass shooting in Las Vegas last week we saw an outcry for gun reform. People calling for gun bans, buy-back programs, and stricter regulations. On the other side, we saw people saying it was too soon and emotions were to high to begin this discussion.


We saw late night hosts like Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel calling for change. In tears because of the immense weight of the event.


No matter what your stance is, we can all agree events like this shouldn’t happen.


The problem is, change doesn’t come from a single speech. Change doesn’t come from one or two late night hosts calling for it. Change comes from people like you, like us, stepping up and using our voices. Electing the people that will make the changes we believe in. Writing our congressmen and women; asking them to propose the changes we want to see.

Change comes when we, the people, make our voices heard.


This has been another episode of Case in Point, a Good Law | Bad Law production.