Good Law | Bad Law Episode #6 - Alternative Facts, Schools Buying Silence - Welcome to America!

On this episode of Good Law|Bad Law:

This week Aaron and Mitch cover several interesting stories. They sit down to decypher President Trump’s “alternative facts,” his accusations of voter fraud, and how they are affecting our country today.

They also explore a story of a cheerleader’s lawsuit after other cheerleaders took naked photos of her and spread them throughout the school. The girl’s school took no action to help her then tried to buy her silence after she was harassed, taunted and bullied by the other students.

Another disturbing story comes from Facebook live where a young mother duct-taped her child to the wall so she could “get some work done.”

Take a listen and let us know your opinion!

Host: Aaron Freiwald

Guest: Mitch Brudy

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