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  • What's Your Favorite Food? Steak. 
  • What's Your Favorite Color? #FF9900
  • What's Your Favorite Hobby? Either rock climbing or racing motocross

The Show

  • Why Good Law | Bad Law? We came up with the idea a while back and decided to go for it . Over time the show has gone through several revisions to get to what it is today. Coming from the non-lawyers perspective I think it's really interesting hearing people's passions and stories and really seeing how far the law reaches into everything.
  • Favorite Episode of the Show? My favorite episode of the show is either Episode #40 with Joshua Prince or Episode #54 with Susan Wild.
  • What's One Thing You Want Listeners to Know? The biggest thing I want everyone to know is this show is real, we don't cut anything out, we don't edit our mistakes or script anything.